The Hectorcampbell NDA meets the second Monday of every month at 6:30pm in the Community Room of the Public Safety Building: 3200 SE Harrison Street, Milwaukie, OR

Saturday, March 15, 2008

March Meeting Notes

Notes from the March 10th, 2008 Meeting

Police and Fire Department Updates
Officer Glenn advised that he had not heard from Supt Naso about the issue of the school district needing to provide the police department with written authority to act as their agent so as to deal with crime and trespassers on school property. Mr. Naso did take away the necessary form from the last meeting, and although he agreed to report back to the association about his decision at the next meeting, he did not attend nor did he phone either Officer Glenn or Chair Aschenbrenner. This did upset several neighbors.
NOTE: Following the meeting Mr. Aschenbrenner emailed Mr. Naso. He advised by return email that he had unintentionally missed the meeting due to a calendar mistake, and that the necessary paperwork had been provided to the Police Department. Chief Kanzler confirmed that the paperwork has been received to authorize the Police Department to act as agent for the North Clackamas School District.

Light Rail Process Update
Karen Withlow and Brian Mawberg from Metro attended. They reported that the alignment for the proposed light rail extension from downtown will run from near PSU, across the river (crossing location under discussion), through SE following Union Pacific tracks, down 17th, McLoughlin, to Tacoma, along existing railroad tracks through Milwaukie to either Lake Road or Park Avenue. Some of this alignment is still under discussion. Meetings are being held March 12th (at Rose Villa) and March 19th (at Milwaukie HS Commons) regarding the various proposed stations. An environmental impact document (SDEIS) will be released in April. A review will follow. The Citizens Advisory Committee meets often to advise Metro during this process. Following these meetings and discussions the Steering Committee will make the final decision on alignment and station locations. Local government officials will have an opportunity for approval. Metro will make the final decisions. Metro’s website has full reports and maps. A link will also be provided on our own website.

Linda Hedges reported on the Light Rail Safety and Security committee’s proposals, which can also be found on the Metro website.

No current applications are being considered.

Hector Campbell Carnival
March 15th -- “It’s a World O’ Wheels” will have rides, booths and cars, trucks and equipment from a variety of representatives. The Neighborhood Association will have a table/booth. A request has been approved to limit traffic to one way traffic and parallel parking on 37th for the event. Mary Weaver queried an ad that stated there would be a Monster Truck car crushing, but it is believed this will not be more than possibly one truck.

Parks Report:
There may be a work party on Sunday March 30th for Homewood Park.
North Clackamas Parks has agreed to take over the lawn mowing at Homewood Park. All neighbors are invited to help.

Public Safety Advisory Committee Report
Mary Weaver reported that the management of the funding for the K-9 unit is still under discussion and fundraising is ongoing. Mr. Aschenbrenner commented that if neighbors are interested in the NDA supporting the fund they should make a proposal for it. NOTE: Officer Truong advises he currently has raised about $22,500. A fundraising raffle will be run on March 31st. Tickets can be obtained at the Police Department.

Mary Weaver clarified the new law (approved by Legislature for January 08 implementation) that where there is a handicapped parking space adjacent to striped lines on the right, only a van or car with a wheelchair user and handicap parking permit can park in that zone. If the striped area is on the left of the handicap parking space, anyone with a handicap permit can use the space. Neighbors with complaints about this new law were urged to write to their state legislator. (See end of minutes for representatives’ contact information)

Projects Update
The replacement of the Railroad Avenue school zone with a flashing light is still being examined. The Public Safety Committee was advised that the City will not be adding any new lights due to the cost of running them ($2,000 per annum), and it is possible that some existing ones may be removed. Mr. Aschenbrenner will contact the PTA regarding the possibility of joint funding for a light on Railroad Avenue. Action: David Aschenbrenner

Sarah Smith reported the NDA’s website is and email address is The website will include important information, meeting dates, agendas, and important links. They are now up and running. Comments are solicited from neighbors on how these can be improved. A poster will be put up on the Safeway community board advertising our meetings.

Other Information
Nominations for election of NDA officers in May should be put forward at the April meeting.

Farmers Market will begin again on Mother’s Day (May 11)

A new Finance Director for the City has been hired. He is Ignacio Palacios, formerly an accountant with the audit firm used by the city.

Next meeting - April 14th, 7pm

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