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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Milwaukie Center Nutrition Program

The Hector Campbell Neighborhood donates some of our Milwaukie Neighborhood Grant funds to the Milwaukie Centers Nutrition Program every year. Below is another opportunity for our neighborhood to contribute to this worthy cause.

Dine Out & Donate to Meals on Wheels!

Did you know that Milwaukie Center Nutrition Program is expected to provide more than 77,000 meals for older adults and people with disabilities this year? Did you know that only 1/2 of the cost to provide the meals is provided through federal funds? The other half of the needed money has to be fund-raised. Join the Milwaukie Center during this full month of fund-raising and awareness building for Meals on Wheels.

  • Buy a "Meal Ticket" at Milwaukie Center, Clackamas Federal Credit Union, or Columbia State Bank
  • Donate at Bob's Red Mill -- They are MATCHING donations!
  • Shop at New Season's Happy Valley Store, March 6-9th

Dine at the following restaurants in March and mention the "March for Meals" campaign:

  • Clackamas Claim Jumper, Tuesday & Thursday nights in March
  • The Bomber, Tuesday nights in March
  • Sweet Tomatoes, March 14-30th
  • Noodles at the Town Center, Wednesdays in March

Call 503-653-8100 or 503-654-3030 to find out how you can help.