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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Request from Councilor Chaimov

As a city councilor, I’d like to hear from residents about what the council should do to protect the parts of the town that need preserving and to improve the parts that need to be made better. We hear a lot from the same people. That’s a good thing, but we also need to hear from people who don’t often take the time to tell us their views. I’m interested in hearing views on whatever residents think I should know about: parks, the library, downtown development, transportation, parking--whatever. The biggest decision we on the council have ahead of us is what recommendation to make to Metro about light rail: Whether we’d like light rail, and if so, where we’d like it. The best way to give me your thoughts is to write to me at or You can also call me on my cell phone (503-816-5192), although I often have the phone off during the day.

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