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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Wastewater Update

So far, so good when it comes to WES-led talks regarding a regional solution to
our growing wastewater treatment dilemma. Talks have been better than civil
and, I believe, productive as leaders from Happy Valley, Lake O., West Linn, Damascus, Oregon City, Milwaukie, CCSD#1, Gladstone, and even Oak Lodge learn enough information at each meeting about the pluses of consolidation to justify attending the next week. That's how it's set
up: the meeting agenda is sent out ahead of time; we discuss it & receive a more detailed description at the meeting; comments from 'audience' members in attendance are heard toward the end; then we answer as a group the question of whether coming together again is
worth the trouble. Always, the answer is "yes", and we make plans to attend the next week . . .

All representatives at these meetings concur that a regional approach to sewage treatment MAY be in the best interest of the different cities / unincorporated areas represented. CERTAINLY a few locations will really be in financial trouble if they are left to "go it alone"
when it comes to wastewater treatment; ironically, this is especially true for CCSD #1.

Other areas have interests beyond the financial. Both West Linn and Oregon City, for example, cite environmental concerns among their greatest interests. They want a better, cleaner plant than the one they have now, even if consolidation does not necessarily save them money in the short-term. Oak Lodge has continued interest in regional developments, but remains skeptical about whether or not their desire for local control can be
met with a regional approach. It remains to be seen whether the financial blockades preventing Oak Lodge from actually implementing their favored master plan are enough incentive to keep them at the table. For their sake, I hope so.

As for the sake of the rest of the county, I am told that with the magnitude of such a large consolidation project, neither Oak Lodge nor Lake Oswego are needed in order to achieve a regional wastewater solution (meaning, their participation or lack thereof will not
significantly impact rates for the rest of us).
Still, I'm all for efficiency, and it would be nice to give waterfront space
back to these areas if they choose to join in the fun.

So we come to the table each Thursday in April (or that's the plan so far).
I've attached the meeting packet for this coming Thursday. Of particular interest in THIS packet are the "wish lists" for each represented community.
These will be key in the equity and governance discussions we have left. (We saved the tough stuff for last.) Wish this committee bon chance as we engage in what will likely be some heated conversations; your future rates and much, much more depend on our success.

Charmaine Coleman

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