The Hectorcampbell NDA meets the second Monday of every month at 6:30pm in the Community Room of the Public Safety Building: 3200 SE Harrison Street, Milwaukie, OR

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Summary May 12 HCNDA Meeting Notes

May 12 2008 Summary of Meeting Notes
Public Safety Building, 7pm

Officer Elections
The current board of officers was elected for an additional year of service.
David Aschenbrenner: Chair; Mary Weaver: Vice-Chair
Sarah Smith: Treasurer; Linda Hedges: Secretary

Police and Fire Reports
Officers William Conway and Ryan Wilcox from Clackamas FD#1 attended.
* 18 new firefighters have been hired;
* 2 new stations will be open soon
*Seniors or disabled persons who need smoke alarms can have them installed for free by calling the Fire District offices.

Officer Danny Hill from Milwaukie PD attended.
*The K-9 dog to be purchased in July; training for Officer Truong soon
*Some new Dodge chargers have been purchased for patrol.
* Chief Larry Kanzler to retire in July; expressed interest in the replacement candidate being retired FBI SAC Robert Jordan Portland, Oregon Field Office,.
*The Mongol motorcycle gang has not been any problem so far.

Neighborhood Grants Awarded:
* Milwaukie HS Graduation Party - $1,000
* Milwaukie Center’s Meals on Wheels program - $1,000
* New Century Players - $1,000

Light Rail:
Light Rail SDEIS began May 9th, for 45 days.
Meeting for comment on Wednesday, May 28th at MHS 6-8pm.

2008-09 Budget
* Quiet Zone, ($310,000) not in budget
* Refurbishment of City Hall garage for use as Municipal court ($900,000) not in budget
* Expansion of Johnson Creek facilities for staff work space not funded
* Neighborhood Grant funding is still in the budget
* Improvements to the 37th Street and Oak Street railroad crossings funded

Tri-Met Southgate Park and Ride
Tri-Met pulled out of agreement to purchase old Southgate Theater location as bus layover due to rising costs not in their budget. Further discussion on-going

Parks Report:
Work party at Homewood Park Sunday May 4th, noon-3 had 5 people attend. North Clackamas Parks has begun mowing the grass and picking up yard debris picked up by our volunteers.
Sarah Smith has the draft proposal ready for the parks work.

Public Safety Advisory Committee Report
Local emergency response preparedness for ethanol fire considered adequate.

The Farmers Market began Sunday May 11th.

The City Clean-up Day will be June 14th at locations at the old Southgate Theater site and at 60th and Johnson Creek Boulevard. Coupon on front page of the June Pilot can be used for one free load of large “junk” items.

Next meeting - June 9, 2008

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