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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

June 9 2008 HCNDA Meeting Notes Summary

Police and Fire Reports
Clackamas FD 1 will be transferring most firefighters to other stations within the district on July 1st. The local station will also be going to a 4 man crew in November thanks to federal funding.

Officer Ron Glenn from Milwaukie PD reported that it has been very quiet lately and very little criminal activity has occurred.

The HCNDA leadership team has proposed that in future we should annually support Meals on Wheels, the Milwaukie Museum and the K-9 program with a small grant which will be issued in September or October each year. The remainder of our neighborhood grant funds will be dedicated to projects inside our neighborhood.

The Milwaukie Daze Parade was awarded $400 for expenses.

Light Rail, Tri-Met and South Downtown Development:
Kenny Asher from Community Development outlined the process the Light Rail project has followed up until now, and advised that the decision on a Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA) will be decided during June and July. The environmental impact study has been done and is available to read on-line and to comment on until June 23rd at

Tri-Met has pulled out of an agreement to purchase and renovate the old Southgate Theater location as a bus layover location due to rising costs that were not in their budget.

Kenny Asher advised that the City is working with a planning and architecture firm headed by Christopher Alexander, an internationally renown architect, to examine the direction development in the south downtown area should go.

Street Maintenance Program:
Street improvements will be on-going in July at 37th and Railroad, Washington Street between 99E and 224 June 16-20th. The King Road resurfacing project
will begin in July and it is likely this project will continue for several weeks, with lane closures.

Parks Report:
There will be a work party on Sunday June 29th, 9-noon.

Public Safety Advisory Committee Report
Chief Kanzler is retiring in July and Robert Jordan, the former Special Agent in Charge for the Portland FBI Field Office will begin July 1st as the new Chief.

The Farmers Market is being held downtown each Sunday.

The City Clean-up Day will be June 14th at locations at the old Southgate Theater site and at 60th and Johnson Creek Boulevard.

City Hall’s 70th anniversary celebration, 11:30am-1:30pm Friday July 11th.

Milwaukie Festival Daze parade, games and events and fireworks, Saturday July 16th. Call 503-786-7568 for more information or go to the City’s website.

Next meeting is September 8, 2008

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