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Monday, October 27, 2008

Secure Residential Treatment Facility Proposed for Ardenwald Neighborhood

Milwaukie's Ardenwald Neighborhood is fighting a proposed treatment facility for people who would have been convicted of violent crimes if not found to be insane. The proposed home is to be 8,500 square feet with 15 bedrooms, a pharmacy, out-patient treatment facilities, and have a 24 space parking lot. Many feel this building is not suitable for a residential neighborhood; unfortunately there is nothing in Milwaukie City Code to stop a facility of this type and size from being built in a residential neighborhood.

The Ardenwald NDA has lots of information on their website, you are encouraged to learn more and help with their fight by signing their on-line petition. This facility is not appropriate for ANY Milwaukie neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for helping to get the word out. Please sign the petition and help us make a difference! Jill Ardenwald/Johnson Creek NA

Dorr said...

Thank you for your help spreading the word. Great job!

Jennifer Jones from ColumbiaCare Services, Inc. will be attending the November 11th public neighborhood meeting at the Ardenwald School at 6:30 pm for updates and Q&A session. Anyone is invited to attend!

—Bryan Dorr
Ardenwald-Johnson Creek NDA

Residential Treatment program said...

Residential Treatment program is used when people are highly addicted. This is long term program. During the program, patients have to stay in hospital or center. The doctors or specialists provide their twenty four hour supervision.