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Monday, December 29, 2008

Homewood Park Construction

Volunteers have been working on building Homewood Park for over 10 years. Now with bond measure money from Metro and our Neighborhood Grant funds the neighborhood and City can really move forward with completing Homewood Park.

In October the City of Milwaukie contracted with Structures in Landscape to develop Homewood Park. Construction has been delayed due to the snow and ice, however it is scheduled to start on Tuesday December 30th. Construction is expected to take about 3 weeks, but the time line is really dependant on the weather. The project includes some new lawn & irrigation, a play structure, picnic tables, garbage cans, bike racks, and new fencing.

A few of the existing native plants will need to be moved to make way for the play area; we have identified which ones need to move and located new places for them elsewhere in the park. Structures in Landscape is committed to re-using as many of these plants on site as possible.

During construction the park will be closed; this is for both safety and security. We ask all of the neighbors to help by keeping a look out for suspicious activity at night and on weekends.

Homewood Park is located between SE Home Avenue and Garrett Drive just south of Monroe Street. Below is a slide show of Homewood Park pictures.

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Anonymous said...

i live a block from the park but a few blocks to the entrances. i never knew that the house was hauled off. i will check it out in the spring.