The Hectorcampbell NDA meets the second Monday of every month at 6:30pm in the Community Room of the Public Safety Building: 3200 SE Harrison Street, Milwaukie, OR

Saturday, January 24, 2009

City Council Meeting about Kellogg Treatment Plant

Friends of our riverfront,
If there was ever a time when our riverfront needed your is now. On Tuesday, February 3rd, the City Council will be discussing our position on the need to set a clear date on the removal of the Kellogg Treatment Plant. We need to hear from our citizens who believe it is time to send a message that Milwaukie has shared the burden in the region regarding wastewater treatment for a long time and that we need to get more than an increase in our utility bills when we sit at the regional table. There are those who think Milwaukie’s past investment in the plant and how much our residents have paid in the treatment costs should not be included in a new IGA with the County. There are those that believe the treatment plant should stay...if not be expanded. There are those who believe we should just accept that someday there will be another taskforce established to talk about the removal of Kellogg. It’s not enough anymore and I urge, no, I implore each of you to help us spread the word so that the voices of Milwaukie residents are heard. We are good community partners and have been for decades on this issue. We need to continue to explore new options so that the burden is not primarily on the backs of Milwaukie residents. We want to work in tandem with our regional partners but we ask that our concerns are addressed as well.You can make a difference Tuesday, February 3rd at the City Council meeting.

Deborah Barnes
Milwaukie City Council President

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Volunteers Needed This Saturday

3 units (2 giant piles) of wood chips for the path were delivered to Homewood Park today. We need volunteers to help spread the chips along the trail this Saturday (January 17th). If you can help, the neighborhood would appreciate it! Call Sarah (503-313-0638) with any questions.
Saturday January 17th
9am to 12 noon

Bring a wheel barrow (if you have one) and a shovel, wear work gloves.
Sarah will bring Hot Chocolate with homemade marshmallows!
The weather is supposed to be nice!

January Meeting Notes

Our January meeting was a small and short one, but still as interesting an informative as usual.

Our new interim Mayor, Jeremy Ferguson, stopped in to introduce himself and to find out what our concerns are. Jeremy used to live in the Hector Campbell Neighborhood, but now lives in the Lewelling Neighborhood.
  • There was a lively discussion about the school zone on Rail Road Avenue and the neighborhoods desire to replace the day long speed restriction with yellow-flashing lights.
  • The proposed Secure Residential Treatment Facility (for people from the Oregon State Hospital found guilty except for insanity of violent crimes) on Balfour Street in the Ardenwald Neighborhood was also mentioned as a neighborhood concern; we do not think that type of facility should be allowed in ANY Milwaukie neighborhood.
    • Sarah Smith updated us on the progress at Homewood Park: the contractor is moving along quickly now that the weather as improved. Two work parties were announced, one this Saturday to move wood chips onto the trail and another on February 28th for planting and ivy pulling.

      Linda Hedges reported on the Neighborhood Food Fight: The Neighborhood Food Fight was able to collect 948 items of food, and $2300.45 was donated, which was matched by Providence Milwaukie Hospital.

      For the complete notes click on the link below:
      Hector Campbell NDA January Meeting Notes

    Monday, January 12, 2009

    Homewood Park Update

    Now that the weather has improved the construction of the improvements to Homewood Park are moving along quickly. The irrigation pipes are installed for the lawn areas. The posts have been set for the new fence; the contractor has taken extra care to insure a long life for our fence including applying a sealant to the cut surfaces of the pressure treated wood posts. The split rail fence the volunteers built in 2000 served us well for 8 years, this new fence should last quite a bit longer.

    Excavation for the play structure began on Friday (1/9/08). The contractor is installing drain pipe to keep the play area from turning into a swamp in the rain, a concrete curb to retain the wood chips, and finally the play structure (not yet delivered from the manufacturer).

    A few park neighbors told us they would like to have the Big Leaf Maple near the Home avenue park entrance removed. Removing the tree would nicely open up the view to the park entrances from the street, so we submitted an application for a tree removal permit. Milwaukie's code requires a permit to remove trees in the right of way (generally, the space between the street and an individual property), The cities planning department reviewed our application and reviewed the Homewood Park Master Plan. They considered comments from people during the two weeks the notice was posted on the tree, and visited the site. On January 2, 2009 they decided to deny our request to remove the tree.

    Save the date: February 28th Planting Party. We will plant sword ferns and Oregon grape along the trail and continue working on removing ivy. Check back for more info.