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Saturday, January 24, 2009

City Council Meeting about Kellogg Treatment Plant

Friends of our riverfront,
If there was ever a time when our riverfront needed your is now. On Tuesday, February 3rd, the City Council will be discussing our position on the need to set a clear date on the removal of the Kellogg Treatment Plant. We need to hear from our citizens who believe it is time to send a message that Milwaukie has shared the burden in the region regarding wastewater treatment for a long time and that we need to get more than an increase in our utility bills when we sit at the regional table. There are those who think Milwaukie’s past investment in the plant and how much our residents have paid in the treatment costs should not be included in a new IGA with the County. There are those that believe the treatment plant should stay...if not be expanded. There are those who believe we should just accept that someday there will be another taskforce established to talk about the removal of Kellogg. It’s not enough anymore and I urge, no, I implore each of you to help us spread the word so that the voices of Milwaukie residents are heard. We are good community partners and have been for decades on this issue. We need to continue to explore new options so that the burden is not primarily on the backs of Milwaukie residents. We want to work in tandem with our regional partners but we ask that our concerns are addressed as well.You can make a difference Tuesday, February 3rd at the City Council meeting.

Deborah Barnes
Milwaukie City Council President

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