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Monday, January 12, 2009

Homewood Park Update

Now that the weather has improved the construction of the improvements to Homewood Park are moving along quickly. The irrigation pipes are installed for the lawn areas. The posts have been set for the new fence; the contractor has taken extra care to insure a long life for our fence including applying a sealant to the cut surfaces of the pressure treated wood posts. The split rail fence the volunteers built in 2000 served us well for 8 years, this new fence should last quite a bit longer.

Excavation for the play structure began on Friday (1/9/08). The contractor is installing drain pipe to keep the play area from turning into a swamp in the rain, a concrete curb to retain the wood chips, and finally the play structure (not yet delivered from the manufacturer).

A few park neighbors told us they would like to have the Big Leaf Maple near the Home avenue park entrance removed. Removing the tree would nicely open up the view to the park entrances from the street, so we submitted an application for a tree removal permit. Milwaukie's code requires a permit to remove trees in the right of way (generally, the space between the street and an individual property), The cities planning department reviewed our application and reviewed the Homewood Park Master Plan. They considered comments from people during the two weeks the notice was posted on the tree, and visited the site. On January 2, 2009 they decided to deny our request to remove the tree.

Save the date: February 28th Planting Party. We will plant sword ferns and Oregon grape along the trail and continue working on removing ivy. Check back for more info.

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