The Hectorcampbell NDA meets the second Monday of every month at 6:30pm in the Community Room of the Public Safety Building: 3200 SE Harrison Street, Milwaukie, OR

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October 12 2009 Meeting Notes

Introductions and Welcome: Mary Weaver, Chairman; in attendance were Linda Hedges, Secretary; Pat Duval, City Staff Liaison; Milwaukie Police Officers John Truong and Chief Robert Jordan; Beth Kelland representing the Citizens Utility Advisory Board and 3 other neighbors

Minutes from Previous Meeting: Approved

Treasurer’s Report: There is a healthy balance in our account, but a considerable amount of it is earmarked for programs already. More discussion was postponed until the Treasurer can attend a meeting.

Projects Update:
Railroad Avenue School Zone: There are new signs showing a walking pedestrian at either end of the former school zone. ODOT has been requested by city staff to change the speed zone on Railroad Avenue to 30mph for its entire length. A traffic usage study will likely determine the actual final speed limit.

Parks Report: Sarah Smith was not in attendance to make a report. Mary Weaver reported that the Nature Resources specialist at North Clackamas Parks and Recreation had contacted her to see if there were ways they could help us at Homewood Park. He was referred to Sarah Smith for further discussion.

Citizens Utility Advisory Board Report: Beth Kelland reported on the on-going wastewater treatment issue between Clackamas County Sewer District #1 and the City of Milwaukie. Milwaukie citizens should know that the city staff and council have been working extremely hard to protect the city’s ratepayers from exploitation by the county and CCSD#1. The letter Clackamas County Commission Board Chair Lynn Petersen sent out earlier to Milwaukie’s citizens implies that the city has been unreasonable in requiring appropriate documentation to be presented prior to work being carried out at the Kellogg Plant, and that the rate the CCSD#1 wants to charge is based on fair calculation. However, Mrs. Kelland explained how this rate was arrived at, which requires city users to pay for east county development, and the actions that the county is trying to take to force the city to accept work at the Kellogg plant but work designed to increase user capacity. This does not work toward the city’s goal to close the Kellogg plant within the next 20 years. More information about this issue can be found on the city’s website under “Presentation Outlines Sewer Rate and Kellogg Treatment Plant Negotiations” on

Public Safety Advisory Committee Report:
Transportation Safety projects Last year’s proposal to install a sidewalk along a portion of Home Avenue near Hunter Court and Guido Bocci Court was considered by City Engineering to be too expensive for this funding. Neighbors do not feel it is necessary for it to be a sidewalk; an asphalt or gravel path would be sufficient.

There was also a request for stop signage at 44th and Jackson Streets. These two proposals will be brought to PSAC for consideration.

The Milwaukie Public Safety Foundation spent $1050 to purchase body armor for Jag the K-9 dog.

Police Report: Officer Truong reported that there have been a few false alarms at the school, and a fight between two young women, small numbers of theft from vehicles and very little other crime in our neighborhood. The arrest of a young man with a gun at the high school was a person from out of state with no affiliation to the school, and the gun he had was a modified pellet gun that looked exactly like a regular gun. Chief Jordan spoke about this incident and said that State Rep. Carolyn Tomei had spoken with him about information relating to the use of pellet guns in criminal ways because she is considering drafting legislation designed to limit the use of pellet guns in this state. Chief Jordan also spoke about the effects of the recent Appellate Court ruling on the “implied consent” law for drunk driving and how it could affect the enforcement against drunk driving in the state.

Officer Truong asked that if you see graffiti to call the police department on its’ non-emergency phone number (503-786-7400) to report it so it can be photographed and documented before it is cleaned up. Code Compliance may be in a position to make referrals to organizations that can assist with cleanup.

Chief Jordan responded to a query about whether there will be sufficient officers to cover the light rail platform area by describing the increase in the number of officers by Tri-Met, our participation in the Tri-met staffing (currently 3 officers for transit policing) and his cooperation with other police chiefs with jurisdictions along the light rail lines to share information and strategy.

The department will be going from 12 hour shifts to 4 – 10 hour shifts per week in January. He will need to make sure that this scheduling pattern does not result in increased overtime costs.

The Chief also reported that he still hopes to acquire another K-9 officer and dog in the future, with training in drug-sniffing, but another dog trained for search and rescue may also be valuable.

Clackamas County FD #1 did not attend. Their latest newsletter is available on: and monthly in the NDA’s email at

The Milwaukie Farmer’s Market has just two more Sundays to operate. A pumpkin carving contest will be held on October 24th.

Remember to rake the leaves away from storm drains and gutters along your street.

Milwaukie Light Rail Station Design meeting group met and proposed a two platform design and strongly supported the location of a service building adjacent to the east side platform. Photos of the design were available for viewing, along with photos of suggested platform design (the group proposed a traditional design with historical references), stormwater drainage planting, platform art and barrier designs.

Neighborhood Food Fight Non-perishable food can be brought to November 9th’s NDA meeting. The November 14th food fight will be at Albertson’s at Milwaukie Marketplace from 8am-5pm. [note: this may be cancelled – but food can still be donated and will be taken to The Oregon Food Bank]

Next Meeting will be 7pm on November 9th.