The Hectorcampbell NDA meets the second Monday of every month at 6:30pm in the Community Room of the Public Safety Building: 3200 SE Harrison Street, Milwaukie, OR

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November 9 2009 HCNDA Meeting Notes

Introductions and Welcome: Mary Weaver, Chairman; in attendance were Pat Duval, City Staff Liaison, Milwaukie Police Officer John Truong, and 7 other neighbors

Minutes: The minutes from the previous meeting were approved. Motion by David Aschenbrenner, seconded by Pat Rolison.

Treasurer’s Report: David Aschenbrenner provided a written report on the accounts and said he is getting together all documentation and assuring everything is in order. Mr. Aschenbrenner was asked whether all the accounting was done for the National Night Out event. Sarah Smith reported that a check was written to Dave Mills for the hot dogs and bbq costs, and that appeared to be all the costs outstanding for that project. The cancelled check will provide receipt for that cost. . The current account stands at about $10,000, with all grants paid and with an additional $389 in the administrative fund, $5331 in the Homewood Park fund and $500 in a fund for signage at Homewood Park. A motion was made by David Aschenbrenner to move $73.01 held in a Minthorn Park fund to the administrative fund. The motion was seconded by Sarah Smith and passed.

Police Report: Officer Truong distributed stats for the past month for our neighborhood. Larceny was up overall in the city but our neighborhood is still a low crime area, i.e., we had 2 larcenies and 6 burglaries during October. Officer Truong also explained how officers respond to certain kinds of calls. He reported that two new officers had been hired, Eric Sharron and Eric Gunderson, and that Officer Dan Cloyes has been assigned as School Resources Officer.

Clackamas County FD #1 did not attend. Their latest newsletter is available on: and monthly in the NDA’s email at

Projects Update:
Neighborhood Food Fight The food drive was cancelled due to low response for staffing support, but neighbors were encouraged to find barrels in banks and local stores to still support the Oregon Food Bank.

School Alleyways: Mary Weaver has discussed the issue of deteriorating fencing along pathways leading to Hector Campbell School with Principal Long, Code Compliance Officer Sayers and with an official at No. Clackamas SD. It appears to be that property owners are responsible for maintaining their properties along the alleyways, but that there is no ordinance to compel that fencing should be repaired if they are in an unsafe state. Mary will continue to follow this issue up with both the school district and code compliance. Linda Hedges advised that there is also a real issue with dog excrement all over the playground. The poor signage regarding prohibition of dogs on the school grounds may be part of the problem. This will be raised with the School District. Action: Mary Weaver

Transportation Safety Projects: Linda Hedges has completed and submitted to City Engineering the required paperwork requesting funding for three different projects in our neighborhood: a) Stop signs at 44th and Jackson; b) Children playing signs on Home Avenue near Homewood Park; and c) a pathway on the east side of Home Avenue from Guido Bocci to Hunter Court.

Grants: The agenda item regarding funding for the Umbrella Parade was cancelled since Celebrate Milwaukie Inc. has offered to support this event this year. Milwaukie Daze will require funding and this will be a grant funding item on the December agenda, once an official request has been made at the November NDA Leadership Team meeting.

Parks Report: Sarah Smith reported that she has a meeting at the end of the month with the Natural Areas Resource Technician at North Clackamas Parks and Recreation and will discuss how they might be able to assist us in maintaining the natural areas of Homewood Park.

Public Safety Advisory Committee Report:
Mary Weaver reported that the Ukrainian Church on Stanley is planning a fall festival on November 21st. The police department will be assuring that parking issues do not arise again as they did when the church’s dedication occurred. The church has invited the public to attend.

The question was raised about whether LoCom (the 911 dispatch unit) can trace where cell phone calls are being generated from, as a safety issue. Officer Truong advised that LoCom can identify them to within a very close proximity. New cell phones have better GPS chips that allow a closer pinpointing of the caller. Mary Weaver felt it should be something the public is aware of since so many people have given up their landlines and use their cell phones for every call. Officer Truong noted that your location should be the first thing a caller gives to the 911 dispatcher when calling for help.

Linda Hedges asked whether PSAC could more thoroughly investigate whether there is a plan that can be made public for an emergency refuge for the neighborhoods. Darrin Smith noted that the communication system that provides phone calls to those who have previously registered is the best way for the city to let citizens know when something has happened and what action to take. It is still unclear who is supposed to take what action in the case of emergencies: the County, the American Red Cross, or the city. Referred to PSAC. Action: Mary Weaver, David Hedges
Mary Weaver raised the issue of what information is available on our water bill and how to interpret it. One neighbor asked if historic information could be listed in order to better compare usage from one year to the next (this has already been raised with the Finance Director who will try to do so if it can be done without adding cost to issuing the water bills). David Aschenbrenner will pursue this with the Finance Director. Action: David Aschenbrenner

The on-going sewer negotiations between the City of Milwaukie and Clackamas County were discussed. The City has asked for citizens and groups to contact the County to let them know of our concern over their proposed price hike. A letter to the County will be drafted to distribute to other NDA chairs in regard to this issue. Whether or not they co-sign, we will send a letter to the County reiterating our support for the City of Milwaukie’s Manager, Mayor and Council over their position on this matter. Action: Linda Hedges, Mary Weaver

A neighbor has asked Mary Weaver to investigate when the city cleans the streets, as she feels that they have not done it enough on her street. This was discussed, and Mary Weaver will discuss it further with Public Works as to what policies and priorities the city has, and what it expects neighbors to do regarding leaves and street cleanliness. Action: Mary Weaver

Next Meeting will be 7pm on December 14th.