The Hectorcampbell NDA meets the second Monday of every month at 6:30pm in the Community Room of the Public Safety Building: 3200 SE Harrison Street, Milwaukie, OR

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January 11, 2010 HCNDA Meeting Minutes

January 11, 2010, 7pm
Public Safety Building
Introductions and Welcome: Mary Weaver, Chairman; in attendance were Pat Duval, City Staff Liaison, Milwaukie Police Chief Robert Jordan, Mayor Jeremy Ferguson, Jeff Klein, Chair of Lewelling NDA, Frank Lamp representing Milwaukie Community Center, a neighbor from Linwood NDA and 10 other neighbors
Minutes: The minutes from the previous meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: David Aschenbrenner stated the balance has not changed since last month.

Police Report: Chief Jordan spoke about a child sexual abuse case that had been featured in The Oregonian today, that occurred in Milwaukie and was investigated by MPD. He wanted us to know that the officers involved made a good and thorough investigation which allowed the father of the child to be convicted. They were also able to find him when he chose to flee. The father was sentenced to 700 months in prison. In response to a neighbor’s question, he advised that professionals such as teachers, nurses, doctors and police officers are required to report suspected child abuse of any kind, but that it is not always easy to see the signs. He also advised that on February 8th at 7pm there will be a safety training presentation for parents of middle and high school age students. This training will cover child predators, cyber-security and child psychology. The Chief has expertise himself in child predator cases and will be one of the presenters. The Chief announced that they will be promoting a new patrol sergeant from within, and hiring both a patrol officer and records specialist. He advised that the Officer of the Year, Reserve Officer of the Year and Cadet of the Year Awards dinner will be March 18th, and sponsored by the Public Safety Advisory Committee and this year, the American Legion Milwaukie Post.
Clackamas County FD #1 did not attend. Their latest newsletter is available on: and monthly in the NDA’s email at
Projects Update: no projects are currently pending

Census 2010: Pam Wheldon, who works for the Census’ Partnership Program, had advised that the Census is hiring for field operatives. Contact for more information.

USS Ranger Support: A veterans organization is trying to bring the USS Ranger to the Portland area to be used as a monument/museum. A letter in support of this project was sent from HCNDA.

City Snow Plan: The City has posted on its front page of its website the routes that snowplows will cover during a snow event. The Milwaukie Center, especially Meals on Wheels, has advised that they are able to assist seniors who call them for assistance during a severe snow event.

Linda Hedges is researching other emergency preparedness resources available within the city and county and will report later on her findings.

Water Bills: A neighbor from Linwood NDA advised that she does not agree with the way the water and sewer bills are calculated, and seeks better information and transparency in the process. Mr. Aschenbrenner advised that members of city staff are working to put together a brochure that explains how the city’s water and sewer bills are calculated, but it is not yet ready.

There was some discussion about the current sewer negotiations. Mayor Ferguson spoke about the on-going discussions with the County and advised that on the City’s website there is more information available.

Grant Requests:
Milwaukie HS Senior Grad Party 2010 Milwaukie Daze: It was moved by David Hedges and seconded by David Aschenbrenner to grant $500 to the 2010 Senior Graduation Party. The motion passed unanimously.
Milwaukie Center 30th Anniversary Celebration: it was moved by Linda Hedges and seconded by Darlene Albertson to allocate $400 to this event. The motion passed unanimously.
Officer of the Year Award Dinner: It was agreed by consensus to bypass the normal requirement to present the grant request and vote the following month due to a short planning timeframe. it was moved by David Aschenbrenner and seconded by Darlene Albertson to award $500 to this event. The motion passed unanimously.
Parks Report: Sarah Smith reported that she is now working with the North Clackamas Parks District Natural Resources Coordinator. They will do invasive species removal in the natural sections of Homewood Park. The City continues to maintain the playground area. There will be a work party on January 23rd.
Public Safety Advisory Committee Report: David Hedges reported that planning is well in hand over the Officer of the Year Dinner, and that the American Legion is cosponsoring the event this year. He hopes to be able to raise sufficient money to allow all police officers to attend the dinner for free. The dinner will be held at the American Legion Hall on March 18th.

Other Information and Comments:
a) There will be a presentation on January 30th at 9:30am – 11:30am at the PSB on Sex offenders
b) Minthorn Wetlands work session on January 17th 9am, 37th Avenue location. North Clackamas Parks Natural Resources coordinator will now assist in maintenance of this property.
c) The US Census is hiring for field jobs. Contact
d) The US Post Office advises in response to a neighbor’s query about late delivery of the US Post that there is no time allocated to when post is picked up or delivered to home addresses. Thus, there is little that can be done about deliveries made late in the day or early evening.
e) Following up on a query by parents at Hector Campbell elementary school, neighbors in the vicinity of 46th and Franklin, Adams and Washington do not feel there is a need to request stop or yield signs on those streets, but that a reminder in the school’s newsletter that parents should drive slowly in the area would be a better idea.

Mayor Ferguson advised that a special session of City Council has been called for 7pm, Wednesday, January 13th, to discuss the continuance (or lack of) of the contract for City Manager Mike Swanson. His contract was due to expire on February 28th and the Mayor advised that it does not appear likely that it will be renewed. The Mayor was asked whether there would be opportunity for public comments. The Mayor advised that he and the Council desire to end the relationship with Mr. Swanson on a positive note, and that if he allows comments he must allow both positive and negative to be heard. Therefore, he does not intend to allow public comment at this meeting. A neighbor enquired as to what process there was if a special meeting was called on a Monday for Wednesday night, that no public comment would be allowed, and that little information is being disclosed about the issue. Mayor Ferguson replied that because it was a human resources issue, that care must be taken in how it was handled. He stated that he and Council have authority over three positions in the city – that of City Manager is one of those. Most personnel actions relating to these positions are held in executive session, which is not open to the public.

A neighbor from Linwood NDA expressed frustration about not hearing about issues in what she considered to be a prompt timeframe. She was advised to ask city staff to add her to their email distribution list. Further discussion ensued about the city’s website and a failure to keep it up to date. The mayor explained that some of this is due to workload for the city’s IT staff and lack of financial resources to hire additional help. Chairperson Weaver advised she will look into obtaining a grant to assist with this work.
Next Meeting will be 7pm on February 8, 2010

Prepared by: Linda M Hedges January 12, 2010
Approved: Mary Weaver

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