The Hectorcampbell NDA meets the second Monday of every month at 6:30pm in the Community Room of the Public Safety Building: 3200 SE Harrison Street, Milwaukie, OR

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 10 2010 HCNDA Meeting Notes

Introductions and Welcome: Mary Weaver, Chairman; in attendance were Milwaukie Police Chief Robert Jordan, Officer John Truong, Frank Lamp representing Milwaukie Community Center, Pat DuVal, Interim City Manager and our city liaison, Mayor Jeremy Ferguson and 6 other neighbors

Minutes: The minutes from the previous meeting were approved by consensus.

Treasurer’s Report: David Aschenbrenner stated the balance is about $4600 in checking and about $11,000 in our city account. He reported that the city has proposed a new grant funding process. If Council approves the plan, on July 1 all the money in the NDA’s account will be transferred to their NDA bank account. Debit cards and checks will be issued for two designated leaders of the NDA. The NDAs will be able to spend funds within four categories that include
• Neighborhood Organizing/Organizational Development: Activities, services and materials that generate new neighborhood membership, grow the organization to educate neighborhood leadership toward the organization’s development and continued operation.

• Neighborhood Physical Improvements: Materials and services to be used toward playgrounds, minor park improvements, community gardens and other facilities, neighborhood markers, identity signs, banners, trash cans, benches etc.

• Neighborhood Preservation: Materials and services that sustain or enhance the health, public safety and welfare of the neighborhood such as crime watch, traffic management, or home weatherization programs; or contribute positively to the neighborhood aesthetic quality such as design guideline development, community property maintenance programs or beatification programs.

• Neighborhood Cultural, Social and Recreational Initiatives: Materials and services that promote diversity, family literacy programs, neighborhood computer labs, after school enrichment programs, youth athletic leagues, career preparation, services for the needy, disabled or elderly and cultural activities such as music, dance, or art programs.

City staff will be able to view bank statements on an enquiry basis, and an annual report will be prepared by the NDA for the city in June that reports on how money was spent in relation to the four categories, and what plans are made for the use of any leftover grant money. The bank will be able to set a trigger for a given amount that will alert city staff so that no large purchases can be made without immediate attention raised to it. This plan will be operated for one year. It is anticipated it could save from $15,000 to $20,000 in staff time for the administration of the grant program.

Because of this change in the method of funding, the NDA will alter its current grant application form. Action: Linda Hedges to draft and circulate to leadership

Light Rail monthly meetings have been moved to the Public Safety Building.

The NDA sent the Planning Commission comments on the proposed new residential parking regulations. Planning Commission was very appreciative that we took the time to do so. Some of our suggestions were included. Read about the new parking regulations on the city’s website under Planning.

Mr. Aschenbrenner, chair of the City’s Budget Committee, reported that the first Budget Committee meeting will be May 18th. The interim Finance Director directed city staff to prepare budget proposals with 5% or 10% reductions. There are cost savings efforts underway, but because the city has operated on a lean budget the past 2 or 3 years already, there aren’t many ways to cut the budgets.

Police Report: Chief Jordan distributed the monthly statistical crime report for April. He reported that he had attended a monthly meeting at the Johnson Creek Secure Treatment Facility, during which they reported a number of incidents such as residents not taking their medications properly, the discovery of a door code reported by a resident to staff, and an unsecured door. Staff at the facility are taking residents out on planned neighborhood excursions. The police are at the facility on a very regular basis.

Chief Jordan reported that he will be on bike patrol during the 5K run to benefit Milwaukie Daze, on May 22nd. Bob’s Red Mill is sponsoring a pancake feed on the same day.

There was a bank robbery this morning at Bank of the West. A female suspect indicated she had a gun but did not show one. No one was hurt and the investigation is on-going by local police and a joint FBI-police task force.

There is still space available to join the upcoming Citizens Police Academy. Contact the police department if interested. Must be at least18 years of age, be able to attend 13 – one night a week sessions this fall, pass a background check, the chief’s approval and sign a liability waiver.

The Chief said the department is still looking to appoint one more officer; they are currently performing background checks on applicants previously interviewed.
Clackamas County FD #1 did not attend. Their latest newsletter is available on: and monthly in the NDA’s email at Ms. Weaver mentioned that within their newsletter they indicated 80 medical aid calls to Hector Campbell neighborhood during April and 4 fires. They gave a fire safety talk at Hector Campbell school. The Fire District obtained additional carbon monoxide detector machines for firefighting staff. (Carbon monoxide poisoning is a big danger to fire crews.)

Projects Update: no projects are currently pending

Parks Report: Sarah Smith had nothing to report at this time. She noted that Linda Hedges had emailed police and parks personnel regarding vandalism in the park, broken trail path railings and teenagers misbehaving in the park. Chief Jordan was requested to ask his officers for more frequent park inspections, especially in the afternoon after school and about sundown.

Grant Requests: No new requests at this time.

Public Safety Advisory Committee Report: Mary Weaver and David Hedges reported that they are currently looking at transportation issues around the city. There will be a 5K run for the K-9 fund prior to the Milwaukie Daze parade. Information will be available soon.

Elections: Darlene Albertson made a motion to re-elect the current slate of officers, and Pat Rollison seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously. Chair Mary Weaver, Treasurer David Aschenbrenner and Secretary Linda Hedges were re-elected for another one year term.

David Aschenbrenner moved and Linda Hedges seconded that Mary Weaver should serve an additional two-year term as PSAC (Public Safety Advisory Committee) representative. The motion carried unanimously.

The Mayor attended the meeting. He wanted neighbors to know that he and the Acting city Manager are working with consultant Greg Proffman to provide great candidates for the City Manager position. They hope to hire a new manager within the next 90 days. A thorough vetting and review process will be in place. Community input has been sought regarding qualifications and attributes consistent with finding a good replacement manager. Neighbors suggested that someone with outstanding communication skills was essential, along with consensus building, sufficient experience within a growing and diverse environment, and a broad set of skills and knowledge were important.

Both the Mayor and Chief of Police were thanked for their appearance at the dunk tank for the Hector Campbell Family Fun Days. They were advised that now the Fun Fair organizers know where the hot water tank is so the water in the dunk tank will be less frigid next year. Reports indicate the dunk tank was extremely popular.

a) First Friday event on May 7th was very successful. Next one will be June 4th. The Mayor mentioned thanks were in order to Alicia Hamilton and city business owners for making this new event a big success.

b) The Library Plant sale at the Pond House on Saturday the 8th was very successful.

c) The Multnomah county Fair will be at Oaks Park Amusement Park on Memorial Day weekend.

d) Comments are being sought on City manager qualifications. Contact the Mayor or Acting City Manager Pat DuVal. A consultant has been hired to headhunt for the position; the consultant has been meeting with local leaders in regard to manager qualifications.

e) Councilor Chaimov has written a thoughtful letter to the editor of the Clackamas Review relating to the conflict between county commissioners and city council over the sewer issue.

f) CERT (Citizens Emergency Response Team) training will be held at the Beavercreek Fire Station on June 12th. Applications are available at City Hall. The cost is $25 which includes the training manual. Linda Hedges will be working to assemble one or more CERT teams within the city. The Mayor thanked Linda for her on-going effort on this important issue.

g) The Farmers Market opened on May 9th and was very busy. Parking will be a little more difficult in the area while construction on the transit center continues during the summer.

h) The Finance Director and Acting City Manager are examining the possibility of putting water bill payments online and to be prepared monthly, which may help people with budgeting for their payments.

Next Meeting will be 7pm on June 14, 2010.
Prepared by: Linda M Hedges May 11, 2010
Approved: Mary Weaver