The Hectorcampbell NDA meets the second Monday of every month at 6:30pm in the Community Room of the Public Safety Building: 3200 SE Harrison Street, Milwaukie, OR

Friday, November 5, 2010

Agenda for November 8, 2010 meeting

7:00pm, November 8, 2010
Milwaukie Public Safety Building
Building Entrance, South End of Parking Lot

1) Introductions and Welcome: Mary Weaver, Chairperson

2) Milwaukie Police Update

3) Information: a) Minutes from previous meeting b) Treasurer’s Report c) Light Rail monthly meeting - November 15th Design Workshop

4) Grants

5) Public Safety Advisory Committee Report: Mary Weaver and David Hedges
a) School Safety Zones changes b) Walk Safely Milwaukie Program c) Neighborhood Survey

6) Parks Report: Sarah Smith

7) Other Information and Comments:
a) NDA Leadership Team changes

b) Clackamas FD1 Newsletter:

Next Meeting will be at 7pm, Monday, December 13, 2010 at the Public Safety Bldg.
Members of the HCNDA are those who live in, own property in, work in, or represent a business or nonprofit organization within the Hector Campbell NDA boundaries. Only members are entitled to make motions and to vote. Others are welcome to attend and to contribute to discussion. Find your appropriate neighborhood at

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