The Hectorcampbell NDA meets the second Monday of every month at 6:30pm in the Community Room of the Public Safety Building: 3200 SE Harrison Street, Milwaukie, OR

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 2011 Meeting Notes

Introductions and Welcome: Mary Weaver Chairman; in attendance were Milwaukie Police Capt. Dave Rash, Councilman David Hedges, Pat DuVal our city staff liaison, Principal Curtis Long of Campbell Elementary, Vicki Chambers Director of Elementary Programs at NCSD, Frank Lamp representing Milwaukie Community Club, HCNDA Secretary Linda Hedges, HCNDA Treasurer David Aschenbrenner, HCNDA Parks Coordinator Sarah Smith, and approx. 25 neighbors including several officers and members of Campbell PTA

Minutes: The minutes from the previous meeting were approved by consensus.

Announcements: Councilor Hedges reported that the Officer of the Year Dinner will be March 24th 6pm and tickets are still available for $17 each. Contact him after the meeting or 503-343-0022. PSAC and the Milwaukie Public Safety Foundation partner on this project with American Legion Post 180. The American Legion will also be sponsoring the Officer of the Year in State competition. Link to On-Line ticket sales:

Linda Hedges advised that there were Emergency Preparedness brochures and hand-outs on the table at the door and requested that everyone make sure they had their 72-hour kits ready and that their families had made plans on how to function during and after a disaster.

Mary Weaver reported that the due date on the water bills has been moved back to accommodate those who don’t receive their checks at the first of the month. Mary Weaver and also Mrs. Albertson commented on how helpful and responsive city staff has been in moving to the on-line and monthly water bill, and issues that citizens have brought to them about it. Click HERE for more info on the City website. Action: Write Thank you card – Linda Hedges

Police Report: Captain David Rash distributed a graphical presentation of crime data in Milwaukie during the month of February. No property or personal injury crimes were reported in our neighborhood during that period of time. An unidentified neighbor asked what crimes we could expect to see on the Campbell campus if the school is closed. Captain Rash said there could be some vandalism and trespassing. One neighbor advised that she and many others who live around the school have always and will continue to monitor activities at the school and opening her front door and hollering at the kids was an effective crime deterrent. Captain Rash requested neighbors call 9-1-1 to report any criminal activity that they observed. An unidentified neighbor enquired whether there were historical statistics available on crime on the Campbell campus. Capt. Rash said he would be able to check on that but did not have them at the time.

A neighbor asked why the speed zone had been reduced on Railroad Avenue from 40 to 35. Councilor Hedges, Chair Weaver and Treasurer Aschenbrenner explained that because of the poor condition of the road the NDA and city over the past 2 years had pursued making changes to the school zone and speed limits on Railroad Avenue. An Oregon court decision made last year led the city to believe that the school zone on Railroad Avenue was not enforceable by the police department, so that was removed. The NDA and city requested that ODOT perform a speed survey on Railroad Avenue and the result was that a more appropriate speed was 35mph. Those signs went up two weeks ago. NOTE: Captain Rash copied NDA officers after the meeting on an email to the Traffic Enforcement Division for additional patrols in the next week or two on both Railroad Avenue and Home Avenue in response to speeding traffic.

The Prescription Turn-In Day will be April 30th at the Public Safety Building. A Shredding Day will be June 18th, and Child Safety Seat checks will also be done that day. The Department is considering receiving a new K-9 that has been made available from the Washougal, Washington Police Department. The dog is already trained and certified, and the city has 5 potential officers who will take the dog and be his handler. One of the PD’s vehicles is already kitted out for a drug sniffer dog. The dog and his handler will attend training in Washington State and then be posted to regular duties.

Walk Safely Milwaukie Program: Mary Weaver described the funding mechanism and purpose behind this newly-funded (by state gas revenues) program. Linda Hedges reported that the HCNDA officers have compiled a report on the Campbell neighborhood’s traffic and safe walkability issues that was submitted in February. The next step is to identify and then work with a consultant on 3 or 4 projects identified as those we most want to have funded. Those proposals will then be submitted April 15th. Some projects already identified include a mobile speed display sign; a walking path on Home Avenue’s east side from Wilma Ct. to Hunter Ct., a crosswalk on 42nd around Franklin or Adams, and some kind of traffic calming near the Park on Home Avenue. The walk safely reports are available on the city’s Community Development website.
Hector Campbell Possible School Closure: Chair Weaver described the letter that our NDA sent to the North Clackamas School Board that expressed our dismay at not being included in the school closure deliberations and announcements, and that we hoped to improve our communication in the future because we will remain concerned and vigilant about the on-going maintenance of the school and any future use the School District decides to make of the site if it does close the school. The letter stated that our preference would be to continue to have our neighborhood children attend our local school and that we are proud of the progress students have made since Principal Long has been at the school. Ms. Weaver emphasized that even if the school closes the children are still our neighborhood children and we remain concerned about their safe routes to school and their safety in the neighborhood.

Chair Weaver invited Principal Long to talk. He stated that the NCSD Board has not yet made its decision about Campbell known. They might or might not announce a decision at their open meeting this coming Thursday night about Board actions that could include the closure of Campbell school or other schools. 6th graders will be moving from all district elementary schools to the middle schools next year. This will increase class sizes there up to around 30 or 31. This move will further reduce the size of Campbell school to about 230 students. The possibility of closing Campbell exists because of the small projected size of students grades K-5. Closing is also possible due to the structure of the school being spread out and very difficult to maintain security. It is not ADA accessible nor would it be able to be retrofitted to meet the current standards. There was also a brief discussion about its high risk and lack of earthquake hardiness. An unidentified neighbor asked why $2 million had been recently spent on the school if the intention was to close it. Mr. Long advised that the $2 million had been spent last year to upgrade the roof and to repair immediate plumbing and flooring problems. At that time there had not been any plan to close the school and the bond levy was provided to do the necessary maintenance and infrastructure upgrades. Mr. Long responded to an unidentified neighbor’s query about why the gym had been upgraded if it would not be used in the future; Mr. Long stated that the gym is used nearly every night now for school district and other nonprofit organizations for t heir leagues and as far as he knew would continue to be used in this manner. He urged those who felt they wanted to comment further on the possible closure of Campbell school to attend the Board Meeting Thursday night at Putnam HS, perhaps as a cohesive group, and to bring the message to that venue.

Treasurer’s Report: David Aschenbrenner stated the balance is unchanged from last month

Parks Report: Sarah Smith advised that there will be a Homewood Park work party on Saturday, March 26th from 9am-noon to pull invasive ivy and to plant western sword ferns in the natural area. Workers please bring work gloves and bring a wheel barrow. Refreshments will be provided. Homewood Park is located on SE Home Avenue between Monroe and Ada Lane. Please do not park on the Garrett Drive end of the park.

Public Safety Advisory Committee Report: Refer back to Councilor Hedges and Capt. Rash’s remarks about the Officer of the Year Award Dinner, Drug Turn in Day and Shred Day

Other Information and Comments:
a) Mr. Aschenbrenner (Chair, City Budget Committee) advised that Budget Committee meetings will commence this month.

b) Light Rail Meetings: An Open House on light rail design was held at MHS last week (click HERE for presentation materials from the open house). Two more Open Houses will be held and those will be excellent times to contribute to the design of things like lighting, fencing, concrete retaining wall design, and so on. The third Monday of each month a regular Light Rail Advisory Committee meeting is held at the Public Safety Building, 7pm. Look on the city’s website for more information.

c) City Staff Liaison Pat DuVal reported that First Friday will begin again on April 1st. Volunteer Appreciation luncheon will be held April 16th. The Farmers market will open on Mother’s Day May 8th.

d) Clackamas County FD #1’s latest newsletter is available on: and monthly in the NDA’s email at

ADDED ITEM: A question by a neighbor after the meeting was whether we could request city staff to look into parked traffic on Washington between 40th and 42nd and whether there is sufficient clearance for emergency vehicles. This question was referred to City Engineering and Public Works and a report on the outcome will be made at the next meeting. Neighbors are encouraged to raise such issues with NDA officers either during our meetings or by phone or email at any time. That is one of the purposes of your NDA – to make sure our neighbors’ questions and concerns are raised at the appropriate level.

Next Meeting will be 7pm on April 11, 2011

Prepared by: Linda M Hedges Approved: Mary Weaver March 15, 2011

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