The Hectorcampbell NDA meets the second Monday of every month at 6:30pm in the Community Room of the Public Safety Building: 3200 SE Harrison Street, Milwaukie, OR

Monday, September 26, 2011

September Meeting Notes

7:00pm, September 12, 2011
Public Safety Building Community Room

Introductions and Welcome: Mary Weaver, Chairperson, was ill, so Linda Hedges, secretary, led the meeting.

Election of Co-Chair: Linda handed the meeting to David Aschenbrenner, Treasurer. Mary Weaver had written an email to the NDA stating it was her wish to nominate Linda Hedges to serve for the remainder of the NDA year as co-chair. David Aschenbrenner read this email, and so moved the motion. Darlene Albertson seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously. The meeting was then handed back to Linda Hedges.

Milwaukie Police Update: Chief Jordan distributed the monthly property crime stats. He reported that the new medical marijuana dispensary has closed. He reported that the Johnson Creek Secure Treatment Facility (JCSTF) is seeking volunteers to escort those clients who have earned the entitlement to go out during the day on passes with an escort.

The Chief advised that the bank robbery that occurred early Wednesday morning had a capture by 4pm.

Six new police reserve officers will be sworn in on Thursday evening to help support the department. They are put through an extensive training program and then will be able to make arrests, carry firearms and operate as our normal officers do, except without being paid for it, including having to pay for their own uniforms and weapons.

The department has offered contracts to two new officers.

The photo radar van is back in service! While paying special attention to school zones for the first weeks of school, it will again operate in the areas where we have the most problem with speeding: Hwy 224 and 99E. The van has been fitted with new digital equipment which will produce much clearer photos of drivers and will reduce the complaints dismissed due to an inability to prove who was driving the speeding vehicle. Six officers have been trained in the new equipment so the van can operate more hours than before. When the Council approved reapproval of the contract, a caveat was made that some of the money generated from fines should be used to create educational materials explaining why the van is used, how it operates and provides statistical data and a more graphical exposure to the results of speeding. Milwaukie High School students and staff will assist in preparing a video for this purpose. The video will be available on the city’s website and will be referenced on each citation.

a. Minutes from the previous meeting were approved by consensus.

b. Treasurer and Grants Report – David Aschenbrenner
It was reported that about $1200 was spent on this year’s picnic, and about $750 in donations were also provided. We had about 125 people attend and the picnic was a great success. There are no outstanding grants.

c. City Liaison Pat DuVal reported that the Poetry Series begins Wednesday night, that there will be a Fall downtown SOLV cleanup at 10am on Saturday September 17th and that the 65th annual Ardenwald parade is upcoming on September 17th beginning at 1pm at Ardenwald Elementary School. The Walk Milwaukie will begin at Lewelling Elementary at 1:00 on Saturday the 18th. More city events can always be located at

d. Light Rail report – David Aschenbrenner reported that the next monthly Light Rail meeting will be Monday the 19th at the Public Safety Building. Much information is available on the Tri Met Light Rail website. Michele Traver, Tri-Met’s Light Rail Art Coordinator, will attend the next meeting to discuss the art chosen for the various station locations.

e) Parks Report: Sarah Smith sent a report relating to her negotiations with NCSD regarding the use of part of the upper playing field for a community garden. She is presenting her final proposal to the school district this week. There is still some concern over who pays for the cost of damages and water. It appears that community allotment users will pay the majority of the costs.

f) PSAC Report: PSAC has requested that each NDA write a letter to Council supporting that a police sub-station must e part of any station building adjacent to the platform. The Home Avenue Walking Path Project, paid for under the Walk Safely Milwaukie Program, has begun with surveying and drawings which were available, and it is hoped it will begin before the end of the summer/fall construction period is finished.
g) Boards and Commissions reports
No reports were made.

5) Harrison Street Water Project: Councilor Hedges reported that under the city’s Capital Improvement Plan work has started on the replacement of a 70 year old sewer pipe under Harrison Street. It is being done now so that it will not have to be re-dug up next year when the Light Rail work is done at that end of the project. The project will necessitate water being disconnected from time to time – citizens will be notified in advance. The project runs from 32nd to 42nd on Harrison.

6) Milwaukie Baseball Stadium: Councilor Hedges reported that although there is space enough to build a single A stadium, Council is still waiting for developers and/or philanthropists with sufficient money to make the project viable. It is not the wish of councilors to have citizens pay the majority of the cost of this project. Retail and commercial opportunities abound in the area around the stadium and Tacoma Street light rail station, so they are hopeful all these factors will contribute to a successful outcome.

There was no further business. The meeting adjourned at 8:50pm.

Next Meeting will be Monday October 10th at 7pm at the PSB

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