The Hectorcampbell NDA meets the second Monday of every month at 6:30pm in the Community Room of the Public Safety Building: 3200 SE Harrison Street, Milwaukie, OR

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October 8th HCNDA Meeting Minutes

Introductions and Welcome: David Aschenbrenner, NDA Chair, led the meeting. Present: Police Chief Robert Jordan, Milwaukie Police Department, Vice Chair Lars Campbell, Parks and Gardens Director Sarah Smith, Secretary-Treasurer Linda Hedges, Staff Liaison Gary Parkin, Grady Wheeler, City of Milwaukie PIO, PSAC Representative Mary Weaver, Bryan Dorr, representative from Ardenwald-Johnson Creek NDA, and 10 neighbors Milwaukie Police Update: Chief Jordan distributed the monthly property crime stats. He advised that Tri-Met’s contractor for Light Rail work on the Mailwell Drive area complied with the levels required under the noise variance and that no complaints were made by residents. The Chief provided information relating to a proposed foster shelter home on 27th near Milwaukie High School. There are a number of issues to consider before this shelter can be located in Milwaukie. The Chief has requested that ODOT re-examine our previous request to adjust the pedestrian crossing times on 99E downtown and on Hwy 224 to allow sufficient time to cross safely. A candle light vigil for survivors of domestic violence will be held on Friday night the 11th 6-8pm at Scott Park. City Liaison Gary Parkin explained that the “sharrow” (shared streets between bikes and vehicles) markings on Monroe have been put off until spring. He said the Quiet Zone work on Harrison is completed. The same work will be done at Oak and 37th. City Public Works staff has installed a rain garden storm water treatment system on Harrison. During discussion over how to slow traffic enough to make cyclists safe on the streets Sarah Smith suggested the use of street murals of large dogwood blooms as a traffic calming measure. Harrison Street Bike Lanes A number of residents from along Harrison between 37th and 42nd attended to discuss proposed city plans to install bike lanes along both sides of Harrison that would eliminate on-street parking. Grady Wheeler, City PIO, recorded their objections, as well as general agreement from most that it seemed unnecessary and undesirable to have bike lanes on Harrison. There is a bike lane on Monroe and due to the higher speed of traffic on Harrison it seemed a better idea to push cyclists onto King Road or Monroe for that commute. Grady will take back 4 options to study more and present at a later date. 1. No bike lanes on Harrison. 2. Bike lanes on one side 3. Bike lanes on both sides and 4. Use King Road from 42nd to 32nd as a bike route. Treasurer’s Report – Linda Hedges reported that we have a balance as of October 9th of $8023.23 in savings, $1777.50 in checking. The Community Garden has a balance of $63.78. Minutes from September’s meeting Motion made by Linda Hedges to accept as written, Lars Campbell seconded; they were approved. Coal Train Discussion A motion was proposed by David Aschenbrenner and seconded by Sarah Smith to send to the Council the following statement: “The Hector Campbell NDA is concerned about the topic of coal trains and their impact on our community and the overall global impact. We support the letters from Governor Kitzhaber and Senator Merkley requesting a full length from source to port comprehensive environmental impact study of the coal train lines and to not grant any permits until the study is done. We urge the Mayor and Council to directly contact Governor Kitzhaber and Senator Merkley to express their support and ask to be kept in the communication loop. We further encourage the Milwaukie City Council to take the same position.” The motion carried unanimously. The Chair will submit this letter to City Council immediately. Parks/Campbell Community Garden City Report: Sarah Smith reported the garden in the last week has donated over 600 pounds of produce to low-income recipients. She has gone to the other NDAs to seek financial support for the next phase of the garden, which will include materials to build a secure shed. Linda Hedges reported she has included Campbell Community Garden and Milwaukie Open Ground Community Garden in a grant request to help pay for rain barrels and sheds and heavy duty tools. There will be a Homewood Park work party on Saturday November 3rd at 9am. Grant Requests: Davis Graveyard grant: John Ellis moved and Sarah Smith seconded to award $100. Passed. American Legion AED grant: Linda Hedges moved and Lars Campbell seconded to award $500. Passed. Boards and Commissions reports: PSAC: Mary Weaver reported that there had been discussion about the previously mentioned New Visions foster shelter home. There was some discussion about the issue of skinny streets and/or reducing speed limits on some residential streets to 20mph. This was referred to the Leadership group and PSAC to consider for city-wide investigation. Mr. Parkin was asked to look into the issue as well. There is a Health and Safety Fair at New Hope Church Oct 20th from 10-2. The Great Shake-Out will occur on October 18th at 10:18am. This is for earthquake awareness. Mary encouraged everyone to participate if possible as a reminder of what to do when an earthquake comes and that we very well may experience a big earthquake sometime in our lifetime. The Farmer’s Market will continue through the 28th, and on the 28th there will be a Pumpkin Carving Contest. There is also a Scarecrow contest – see information in the Milwaukie website. There is a Candidates Forum at MHS Black Box Theatre on Oct. 29th 7-9pm. Both Milwaukie City Council candidates and County Commission candidates will be questioned. There was no further business. The meeting was adjourned at about 8:45pm. Next Meeting will be Monday November 12th at 7pm at the Milwaukie PSB Community Room. That is Veteran’s Day but we will meet anyway.

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