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Sunday, March 24, 2013

HCNDA Meeting Notes March 9 2013

7:00pm, March 9, 2013
Public Safety Building Community Room

Introductions and Welcome: Lars Campbell, Vice Chair, led the meeting in the absence of Chair Aschenbrenner. Present: Chief Bob Jordan, Milwaukie Police Department, City Councilor David Hedges, Chair David Aschenbrenner (arrived late), Parks and Gardens Director Sarah Smith, Gary Parkin, City Liaison, Mary Weaver, PSAC representative, Darlene Albertson, Ruby Inman, Frank Lamp, Leyla Ersan (MHS Grad Party Committee), Pat Rolison, Liz Gallia, Bonita and Steve Rand and Jaqui Bettinski.

Vice Chair Campbell had everyone introduce themselves.

Milwaukie Police Update:

  • Chief Jordan discussed the monthly crimes statistical report. He noted specifically an uncommon crime of arson at Linwood School, where a 10 year old boy was identified, arrested and is being dealt with through the juvenile justice system. There was also a bomb scare at Ardenwald Elementary. No device was found but gas jets had been turned on a stove in the kitchen and if that had not been discovered there might have been a serious problem result. There was also a daylight attempted burglary. 1 suspect is in custody. This occurred near riverfront park. Alert neighbors called police.
  • The chief reported that a departmental open recruitment for a Tri-Met assignment has had response and a new officer will be assigned there before long.
  • There will be a new officer assigned as K-9 handler and the search has begun to obtain a new search and tracking dog. The Milwaukie Public Safety Foundation and many other volunteers have donated money and are worked to raise funds to buy and support the new dog as well as training for it and the handler.
  • The Chief reported that the noise variances granted to Tri-Met to work on light rail construction have expired. Tri-met contractors must work under existing city noise ordinances. If anyone has a complaint about working hours or level of noise relating to Light Rail construction they should contact the police department.
  • A neighbor asked what to do about graffiti she has seen on some utility boxes. The Chief said to report the graffiti to police and/or code compliance. He said there now exists one full time code compliance officer and a half time parking enforcement officer. He said he saw no reason that complaints to code compliance can’t still be responded to in a timely manner despite losing one part time employee.
  • Chief Jordan reported that the new County Sheriff’s program called Alert ID issues real time alerts to those who sign up for it. He is looking into whether the same kind of program would be available through our contract with Lo-Com.
City Liaison Gary Parkin read a list of events and informational items. (See attachment) at the end of these notes.) He mentioned that there will be no Milwaukie Festival Daze this year and asked Mr. Aschenbrenner to comment. Mr. Aschenbrenner is a member of the Board of Celebrate Milwaukie Inc., a non-profit that has helped to organize Milwaukie Festival Daze in the past. Due to PMLR construction disruption, as well as work on Riverfront Park, and less funding available this year, it was decided that it is better to put the festival on hiatus until 2015 and to have a bigger and better celebration that year. (There will, however, still be the 9K for K9 fundraising walk that weekend – see Milwaukie PSF website for more details.

Grant Request: Leyla Ersan from the MHS Grad Party Committee presented a grant request to support an alcohol and drug-free party the night of graduation for all MHS Seniors. They have done other fundraising and provide games, food, transportation and a safe venue for the graduates to celebrate. Mr. Aschenbrenner proposed that if 4 students and 1 adult supervisor would put in 8 hours (in 2 different shifts) pulling ivy in Homewood Park, under the direction of Sarah Smith, that we would pay them $15/hr per person, equaling $600. She felt that was a great idea and she was asked to connect with Ms. Smith to arrange for the work party.

Councilor Hedges commented on the city report and also raised the issue of the recent rise in stormwater rates. He explained that an article in both the Clackamas Review and the Oregonian by Milwaukie citizen Leslie Shockner contained some incorrect information, and explained that the city had to raise the rates in order to be able to pay the charges levied by Clackamas County on the city. If the variable rate proposed by Ms. Shockner had been used it could have resulted in a loss to the wastewater fund of up to $120,000 a year, or if the city had carried on as before, the city would have run through almost all of its $3 million reserves within the next two years. He clarified that householders are NOT subsidizing commercial properties in their sewer rates, but rather the opposite. The County charges the City of Milwaukie $30 per equivalent dwelling unit (EDU); the city is charging households $26 per EDU and commercial units $57 per EDU. The County also raised the number of EDUs within the city to over 10,000. The City had been collecting payments based on an inaccurate number of about 8700 EDUs. All this led the city to having to raise the rates in the most equitable way, and while Councilor Hedges apologized that it had to be done – it had to be done. He said it was the “least worst” plan of all of the plans available to assure we can meet our commitments.

He also mentioned the on-going fundraising by the Milwaukie Public Safety Foundation for the new K-9 dog. The Foundation has raised over $17,000 and is continuing to fundraise so that not only the new dog can be purchased, trained and equipped, and its handler appropriately trained, but that there is a contingency fund and planning for future K-9 officers.

Treasurer’s Report – Linda Hedges reported that we have a balance as of March11th of $7,854.60 in checking and savings.  Linda made a motion to support the MHS Grad Party grant request in the amount of $600 if they put in the work effort suggested by Mr. Aschenbrenner. The motion was seconded by Darlene Albertson and passed unanimously.

Minutes from February 11, 2013 meeting: David Hedges moved and Darlene Albertson seconded a motion to accept the minutes; the motion carried.

Project Updates:

WSMP:  Linda Hedges reported that since we have had one project paid for by the funding, we have pulled the other two projects so that NDAs that have had no projects funded might be able to do so. If there is a small amount of money left after the next two projects are completed, small projects like the crosswalk on 42nd at Washington and road painting in front of Homewood Park might be put back on the project list.

Monroe Bike Boulevard: discussion at last month’s meeting, with Brett Kelver from Planning, led to an understanding that projects in the TSP should be reprioritized with strong input from the neighborhoods. The Monroe Bike Boulevard was included in council’s 2013 goals to be completed, but so also was a downtown parking garage. All the projects will have a second look by NDA leadership before the current review is completed. Those who have specific projects they think should be raised on the list should contact their NDA officers. Mr. Aschenbrenner spoke enthusiastically about a downtown parking garage, as did others.

Parks/Campbell Community Garden City Report:  Sarah Smith reported that the Campbell Community Garden has only 1 rental plot left for t his year. They have already started donating produce from the garden to low income housing residents and hope to reach 2000 lbs as their goal this year. She has written a grant to the Clackamas County Master Gardeners program to purchase compost for the garden.(which has been awarded!) The neighbor who recently purchased the house just north of the garden on Adams Street is taking down the very big tree that overhung the garden; they have donated wood chips for the community garden and park path and wood from the tree will be made into benches in the garden and donated firewood to the Milwaukie Center free firewood program. Enough rent has been collected to pay the lease to the school district this year. She said that they are planting rhubarb and blueberries in the garden. And that the trilliums are just starting to bloom in Homewood Park..

Boards and Commissions reports:
PSAC: Linda Hedges reminded that the Prescription Drug Turn In and Shred Day are combined this year on April 27th from 10am-2pm at the Public Safety Building parking lot.  She reminded neighbors that the Police Officer of the Year Award Dinner is on March 27th. Tickets are $22 each and are available through the Milwaukie Public Safety Foundation website or from Councilor Hedges, who is secretary of the Foundation.

Other Business:

Mr. Aschenbrenner asked that neighbors provide him or other officers of the NDA with any ideas they have of problems that need resolving in the Campbell neighborhood. He mentioned locations with local street flooding, or streets that could use a crosswalk, or issues at the school, or other ideas that would improve the livability of Campbell neighborhood. The NDA is here to improve the neighborhood. We look to neighbors to provide input. There was no further business. The meeting was adjourned at about 8:30pm.

Next Meeting will be Monday April 8, 2013 at 7pm at the PSB

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