The Hectorcampbell NDA meets the second Monday of every month at 6:30pm in the Community Room of the Public Safety Building: 3200 SE Harrison Street, Milwaukie, OR

Sunday, May 26, 2013

HCNDA Meeting Notes May 13, 2013

Introductions and Welcome: David Aschenbrenner, Chair, led the meeting... Present: Captain Steve Bartol, Milwaukie Police Department, City Councilor David Hedges, Gary Parkin, City Liaison, Parks and Gardens Director Sarah Smith, Mary Weaver, PSAC Rep, Darlene Albertson, Frank Lamp, Bonnie and Steve Rand, Liz Gallia, Glenn Hoerr and Lowell Peterson. Claire Hobson from Milwaukie HS PTSA

Introductions were made.

Milwaukie Police Update:
  • Captain Bartol distributed the crime statistics for the previous month.
  • The third Bike Giveaway will occur in late May at five local schools. This great community project is possible thanks to help from Sellwood’s Bike Commuter, Clackamas Fire District, Tri-Met and the effort in particular of Officer Billy Wells and Chief Jordan. Up to 50 children will receive bikes this year.
  • Specialty police positions Tri-Met will be filled by Ron Glenn and, K-9 officer by Les Hall.

·         A recent aggravated assault was responded to by MPD. Two roommates fighting, one used a sword to the head of the other. Arrest was made.

·         Tri Met received a citation for violation of the noise ordinance relating to PMLR construction in downtown Milwaukie. $550 ticket was issued.

·         Capt. Bartol urged neighbors to use the non-emergency police number 503-786-7500 to report suspicious activity when they see it. Neighbors are urged to keep an eye on Homewood Park as it has had problems in the past with people in the park after dark and other criminal behavior. Call police immediately so something can be done about it.

·         A neighbor asked if the police department can deal with dogs off leash on school grounds. This is not something our police can deal with unless the dogs are acting aggressively or causing damage.

·         A neighbor mentioned a concern over the common practice bicyclists have of not obeying traffic laws and particularly riding on sidewalks and endangering pedestrians. Capt Bartol mentioned increased policing traffic efforts on Monroe to help curb some of the poor bicyclist behavior.

City Liaison Gary Parkin
·         Transportation System Plan workshop will be held June 3rd. 

·         The Quiet zone work on 37th and Railroad will be completed this summer. Drawings were provided. Following the work completion the Railroad Administration will have until the end of the year to approve the Quiet zone.

·         Gary asked for support by signing a letter for a grant request of $900,000 for funding to build a pedestrian/bike pathway under the highway after Kellogg Dam is removed. This path will connect south downtown with the Riverfront Park. There was some discussion about security issues and other foreseen problems with the pathway but a vote was made to sign the document and passed. Sarah Smith moved and David Hedges seconded.

·         A grant request has been submitted for the design of a bike greenway on Monroe. Concern was expressed that this is being carried forward despite opposition by our neighborhood.

·         The Library will be hosting a meeting May 22nd to gather input from citizens on the future of the library

·         Junk day June 1st at Crosswhite Industrial Park 8-noon, must provide coupon which was mailed out in May water utility bill (for Milwaukie residents only)

·         There may be some sediment in some people’s water as warm water causes a larger than normal draw down of water and sediment at the bottom can be mixed up. Call Water Dept if excessive sediment in water from tap; flushing at the nearest hydrant can solve the problem faster than running the water for a long period.

·         Street sweeping on non-curbed streets will begin shortly. This may reduce the amount of street-sweeping performed on other streets. This is important to do, however, to keep vegetation and debris from being pushed into storm drains.

·         Reported on downtown street construction work during the summer. While PMLR work is on-going the city is taking advantage by completing clay pipe replacement and other water pipe installation

·         The resurfacing of Railroad Avenue is planned in 2016. No other grants have come through to pay for other street improvements, unfortunately.

·         ArtMob is presenting a guest speaker on June First Friday – Getty Art Studio on Scott Street

·         The printed monthly Pilot returns in June due to public demand. It will also be available on line. There will be 10 printed issues a year. Savings from elsewhere in the city’s budget has enabled this to be accomplished.

Councilor Hedges:  In the next few weeks Milwaukie residents may be receiving a phone call from a research company called DHM with a survey gathering input on views of a possible bond measure on the November 2013 or May 2014 ballot. This is a legitimate survey and he encouraged neighbors to participate so the Council will be able to make an informed decision.

Grant Request:  The MHS Grad Party group has contacted did put in 2 hours (10 people).at Homewood Park so they can earn the proposed $600 grant.  Mr. Aschenbrenner and Mrs. Smith are hoping for one more work party in May.

Mrs. Claire Hobson from Milwaukie High School Parent Student Association presented a grant request for support of a student photography art display in the Student Health Center. The request was denied based on other commitments by the NDA and that it was felt it does not meet our criteria for grant funding.

Treasurer’s Report – Linda Hedges reported that we have a balance as of May 13th of $8,238.02 in checking and savings. 

Minutes from April 8th, 2013 meeting: Linda Hedges asked for approval of the April 8th minutes; Darlene Albertson seconded a motion to accept the minutes as written; the motion carried.

Campbell Community Garden: Sarah Smith reported that all plots have been rented and 150 lbs of produce has already been donated this year.

Project Updates:

Transportation System Plan:  NDA officers met and developed a report to submit for suggested adjustments to the existing TSP (the city’s priorities on projects affecting freight, pedestrian, traffic, neighborhood safety and public transportation over the next 25 years). The report will be submitted at a June 3rd meeting which will also be open for public input.  Action: Linda to email report attached to minutes

Light Rail Summer Closures  David Aschenbrenner reported on a number of street closures planned during the summer for PMLR construction, including several days when 99E will be closed entirely. More information on the PMLR website.

Boards and Commissions reports:

PSAC:  Walk for K9 fundraising July 27th; a dogwash is also planned.

Other Business:

Annual Neighborhood Picnic:  August 12th picnic planning is on-going. Contact Linda Hedges if you would like to help.

NDA officers request ideas for a new neighborhood project to look forward to. It can be related to traffic safety, park enjoyment, or some other activity. Contact NDA officers with ideas.

Elections:             A neighbor asked what each of the positions do; a brief explanation was provided

David Aschenbrenner – Chair (S Smith moved, L Hedges seconded, Aschenbrenner abstained)

                                Lars Campbell – Vice Chair (S Rand moved, D Albertson seconded)

                                Linda Hedges – Secretary/Treasurer (S Smith moved, M Weaver seconded)

                                Mary Weaver – PSAC Rep (L Hedges moved, S Rand seconded)

(Lowell Peterson expressed a possible future interest and he was encouraged to attend some of the upcoming PSAC meetings which any public member is entitled to do)

Sarah Smith – Park and Garden Director (D Albertson moved, L Hedges seconded)

There was no further business. The meeting was adjourned at 9:00pm.

Next Meeting will be Monday June 10, 2013 at 7pm at the PSB

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